Dell Partnership

QLogic Fibre Channel

Marvell Partners with Dell and Brocade for New Gen 5 Microsoft ESRP Reference Architecture
A Microsoft Exchange 2013 scalable reference architecture for 500 to 20,000 users.
Modernize Your Infrastructure
Create a high-performance, scalable, reliable, and consolidated infrastructure with Dell, Brocade, and Marvell solutions.
End-to-End 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Enhances Application Performance
Efficiency, flexibility, and reliability from Marvell accelerate Dell-Compellent Fibre Channel SANs.
Adapter of Choice for Next-Gen SAN and Converged Networks
Marvell 2600 Series 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters outperform alternative adapters.
SOLUTION SHEETS                                                                                               
Dell and Marvell—True End-to-End 32Gb Fibre Channel Connectivity
Increase reliability and performance using Marvell high-speed interconnects throughout the Fibre Channel SAN.
Marvell and Brocade Technology Alliance Drives Fibre Channel to New Levels (Dell)
Marvell StorFusion and Brocade Fabric Vision combine to maximize the potential of your storage network.
Dell Acceleration Appliances for Databases
The Dell Acceleration Appliances for Databases are easy to procure and deploy, pre-integrated solutions that enable mid-market and enterprise customers to quickly and cost-effectively boost database performance.
Next-Generation Server Attach
Dell and Marvell Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology deliver more performance, better reliability, and simplified management for the data center.
Dell and Marvell—True End-to-End 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Connectivity
Increase reliability and performance using Marvell high-speed interconnects throughout the Fibre Channel SAN.
Benefits of Marvell 16Gb Gen 5 in Dell PowerEdge Environments
Increase virtualization density and eliminate I/O bottlenecks with Marvell high-speed interconnects.
Automating and Simplifying SAN Provisioning for QLogic Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Adapters
Leveraging Advanced Brocade Fabric Capabilities with QLogic® StorFusion
Securing Fibre Channel with Silicon Root of Trust
Crypyographically Secured Firmware on Dell PowerEdge Servers with QLogic FC HBAs Ensures SAN Integrity.
Marvell 2600 Series 16Gb Gen 5 FC HBAs for Dell PowerEdge Servers
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THIRD-PARTY PAPERS                                                  
Improving Database Performance with Marvell Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel, Demartek May 2016
Databases are among the most critical services deployed in the data center.
Marvell Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Solution Brief, Demartek March 2016
The IT industry is experiencing escalating demands on its storage infrastructure due to increases in application requirements and virtual machine (VM) density, faster processors, adoption of solid-state storage and continual data growth.
Marvell 16G and 32G Fibre Channel Adapters with StorFusion Technology, ESG May 2016
Designed to simplify deployment and increase performance in the data center with application-aware services.

FastLinQ Ethernet

Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Node
Deployment Guide for scalable hyper-converged infrastructure with R740xd and R640 Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes
Dell and Marvell Solutions Deliver Energy Efficient Ethernet
10GBASE-T EEE solutions for Dell PowerEdge™ Rack and Tower Servers.
10GbE High-Performance Adapters for Dell PowerEdge Servers
Proven Ethernet technology for Rack, Tower, and Blade Servers.
Enhancing Scalability Through NIC Switch Independent Partitioning
Marvell 57800S, 57810S, and 57840S Ethernet Adapters unleash the power of data center servers.
Dell-Marvell Adapters with NPAR Enable Drastic Data Center Consolidation
Marvell IT implements Marvell Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) in a data center with Dell® blade servers and switches to increase server virtualization by 28% and decrease rack server footprint by 80%.
Marvell 578X0 Series 10GbE vs. Intel 10GbE Adapters
Marvell 578X0 Series adapters provide maximum performance and flexible bandwidth management to optimize virtualized servers and networks.
Accelerate Live Migration with iWarp using Marvell FastLinQ® 25GbE and Dell® 14th Generation PowerEdge® Servers
Marvell FastLinQ 25GbE adapters with Universal RDMA accelerates Live Migration in Microsoft® Windows 2016 by up to 58% while reducing CPU utilization by up to 75%.
Investment Protection with High-Performance 10GBASE-T
Marvell® FastLinQ® adapters with 10GBASE-T connections provide investment protection to easily transition from 1GbE to 10GbE performance while reducing cost instead of migrating to the higherpriced SFP+ optical connectivity.
Establishing Adaptive Links with SmartAN Technology
The Marvell solution provides a technology that automatically detects the peer switch capabilities, the inserted cable’s type, and capabilities and links at the highest possible speed with the best feasible reliability.
10GbE Network Connectivity in the Data Center
Marvell 10GbE relieves data congestion.
110GbE Networking Made Simple with 10GBASE-T
Marvell 10GbE 10GBASE-T breaks through cost barriers.
Switch Independent Partitioning and VMware's NetIOC
Dell and Marvell are driving next-generation server I/O virtualization with enhanced QoS manageability.
Marvell in Dell Power Solutions
Dell and Marvell solution enhances I/O in a virtualized environment through NIC partitioning.
Overview of Switch Independent Partitioning
Dell and Marvell solution drives lower TCO and greater flexibility for virtualized architectures.